Eton Raptor: Taking the ‘ruggedness’ out of camping!

The arrival of summer – even if it has turned slightly sour, at least up north anyway – beckons us into the open air. If you are heading to a music festival , or camping with the kids, or trekking in the Alps, or whatever your outdoor activity is this summer, being able to charge your phone is a present-day necessity of many modern outdoor enthusiasts. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no battery and therefore no contact with the outside world needn’t be a worry, thanks to the Eton Raptor – the rugged, solar-powered radio that also charges your phone, thus providing ‘outdoor freedom’.


Not only can the Eton Raptor be a much needed companion providing you with the usual entertainment, news and music a radio can, as well as charging your phone, without the use of batteries, but it also doubles up as a LED torch, altimeter, barometer, compass, alarm clock and even bottle opener. For anyone who has ever spent a night camping on the face of a mountain or has even been to a music festival, you will realise that the items mentioned above are often as essential items as a tent, particularly the bottle opener!

Not only does this multi-faceted device provide virtually everything you will need in the great outdoors and is an emergency did occur – i.e you can’t find your bottle opener – but it is rugged, waterproof, rubberised and has a IPX4 splash proof rating, which can withstand a direct, constant shower for up to five minutes – An imperative feature of any device meant for the outdoors in a British summer.

Concealed behind a protective rubber flap, owners of the Eton raptor will find a USB output that will enable them to charge gadgets, such as mobiles and a headphone socket and audio output also cunningly hidden, which means users can play music from an iPod or mobile without obtruding the ears of other campers!

In short, for a mere £99.99 you can turn your outdoor camping ventures into a ‘home from home’ experience with the help of the Eton Raptor.