Further details emerge on Motz Miniature FM Radio

In recent years, one of the main advantages of gadgets that the manufacturers promote tends to be due to their super small or super slim size. Laptops, mobile phones and even hair styling utensils are becoming tinier in size it seems by the year. The latest super small gadget to hit the scene is probably the tiniest radio you have ever laid your eyes on and is made by a Korean manufacturer called Motz.

So how small exactly are we talking? The nifty little gadget is a mere 37mm in length, 26 mm in height (150mm when the aerial is up) and 19mm in width. Yes, this radio is tincy and fits nicely in between your finger and thumb.

From an aesthetic perspective, the miniature FM radio is made of light brown wood and has functions including an LED indicator, an aerial, on-off switch and a button which enables you to change the radio station. On the side of the radio there is also a 3.5mm jack in which you can plug in your I-pod or mp3 player. If you sync up two of the radios together you can also create a stereo sound though I would imagine the quality and level of sound that you would achieve wouldn’t be party-suitable. The novelty is pretty cool though!

The radio also has a built-in rechargeable battery which can be charged with the USB cord that is included when you purchase the radio.

I’m not sure if the miniature radio is what we would call a groundbreaking invention or gadget in the tech industry but it certainly is cute, fun and well, something a little bit quirky and different. And if creating huge sound isn’t your thing then it also avoids taking up too much space – just remember where you’ve put it!

At the moment, the radio unfortunately isn’t on sale outside of Korea and in Korean won it works out as 39,800 which equates to approximately £22 plus postage will likely be added.

For further information, please click here http://tinyurl.com/yef2g7q