Nu-M8 GPS locator watch for kids


These days, as a kid, you’re lucky if you’re parents let you go more than a few feet out of their view. Gone are the days, for most kids at least, of jumping on their bike and ensuring they’ll be “back in time to tea”. Unfortunately we now seem to live in a world where parents are just too afraid of the dangers of letting their children out of their sight.

One company that is trying to use tech to help solve this problem is midlands based firm, Lok8u, with their slightly awkwardly named “nu-m8” GPS locator for designed for kids 3-12 years old.

Designed to look like a standard watch (although we’re not 100% convinced it does) the nu-m8 is securely fastened to the child’s wrist and stays there unless deactivated by the parent. It even has a nifty feature whereby if the watch is forcefully removed an alert is sent to the designated email/mobile phone address detailing the child’s location. In this situation the locator will also turn to a “live track” mode allowing the child’s location to be continuously monitored, which Lok8u states is accurate to 10 feet.

Another feature which sounds interesting is the setting of ‘safe zones’ by establishing a virtual boundary. If the child strays outside of this zone the parent is notified by a priority alert.

The nu-m8 comes in black, blue or pink, priced at £149.99 and is available to buy now from and In addition, there is a monthly subscription charge starting from only £4.99 dependent on the selected usage tariff.