TWIG: Twitter towel, Boiling Frog survivalist apps, One For All PS3 remote

The Week in Gadgets

Looking for an ethical gift for your hip social media loving friends? The people behind History Pin and I am NOT a Plastic Bag have brought out a Twitter towel – so you can send a Tweet to a loved one (or anyone really) for £10, even if they are off line. We Are What We Do – an organisation that aims to get people doing small things that lead to big changes – channels all money raised into it’s charitable activities. Of course, it helps if you have some memorable Tweets.
Like this.


Travelling yet lacking essential survivalist skills? This is not probably high on your agenda if you taking a day trip to Bournemouth, but if you are bound for the woods, or to exotic locales further abroad then you might need to know what to do when you are bitten by poisonous centipedes or how to start a fire with leaves. We can’t all be McGuyver but due to the world we now live in, there is of course “an app for that.” Boiling Frog, is a new travel app with health, travel and safety advice, created by a leading GP, an ex Royal Marine, an ex Special Forces officer and a specialist on first aid, health and medical training. It’s like having a round the clock team of Andy McNabs in your pocket, for just £3.99 on a range of smartphones.


One For All have carried on with their bid to create One Remote Control To Rule Them All, and are launching a PS3 bluetooth adaptor to bring the PS3 under the umbrella of things controlled by the SmartControl universal remote. Pairing is a simple affair via a key and gives you access to control of your games console. And with 3D Blu-ray support now baked into the PS3 via a recent firmware update, it’s become more useful than ever. The SmartControl remote together with the wireless PS3 adaptor are being specially bundled in time for Christmas priced £49.99 (RRP).