TWIG: Brasso Gadgetcare, Twonky Beam and Savoo Answers

The Week in Gadgets.

As someone who is surrounded by glossy screens I’ve grown to accept that there will be a certain, unavoidable number of smudges on all my devices. Brasso have decided that this is not the case, and rose from their 110 year slumber to bring Brasso Gadgetcare to the market.


Whilst I had simply been using my tie to clean my iPad, Brasso have instead provided a silicone gel and micro-fiber cloth solution that is vastly superior to my 100% silk endeavors. Brasso uses anti-static technology to repel dust from the surface of your devices. I used a little on my iMac screen – which when switched off is simply a big dusty mirror and the results were encouraging. I then applied a few drops to my iPad and iPhone to see how they would fare on a smudge level over a couple of days.

Whilst not exactly perfect – there were a few marks on the screen after a day or two’s normal use, it was definitely better that it would have been and my tie was definitely better as a result. Brasso is available from selected stores for about £5.

As you would probably expect, I buy a lot of gadgets and am infuriated when I overpay or miss out on a great deal. Savoo – a voucher code website that published live deals – has launched Savoo Answers – a new Internet shopping service. Crowd sourced information on online bargains is collated and emailed in response to any questions you might have. These answers are also shared with the general public. So if you have a question about LED TVs, they will let you know which manufactures have deals – and where. Whilst not life changing, it certainly can’t hurt. Give it a whirl.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t squeeze in some mention of an app – and the Android Marketplace has been a little neglected in these pages, so I thought it would be good to draw your attention to a new Android app from PacketVideo called TwonkyBeam Mobile Android. Despite the ridiculous name, the app actually has a fair amount of promise – beaming media content (music, videos or photos) to your internet connected devices – TVs, HiFis or some of the better digital photoframes. You will need more up-to-date hardware , such as a DLNA enabled TVs, streaming iPod docks or Sonos type systems. You can connect to sites such as Last FM, Flickr or Facebook.
Check out a video here.

Twonky Mobile for Android is available today in the Android Store and will be free for a limited time only. Starting in January 2011, the app will be $2.99.