Indispensable gadgets for the beach

In typical fashion, the British summer has taken a turn for the worse – at least in the north anyway – meaning thousands will be swiping last minute bargains and flocking to sunnier climes. Latestgadgets looks at those essential gadgets to spruce up lazy days on the beach.


Amazon Kindle 3

Perfect for taking all your books with you on holiday. Read our special feature on it here…

Twister Beach Towel Game

The perfect accessory if your holiday’s mission has romantic inclinations attached. As gathering up the single talent on the beach and inviting them to twist, turn and position their bodies in the way only Twister manages, is extra fun when the girls are in bikinis and the guys are in their Speedo’s!

Olympus Mju Tough-3000

Technology and sand does not normally like each other. But whilst posting enviable images of ourselves lapping up the sun on Facebook or sending loved ones back home photos of us smiling on the sands, digital cameras are now as an essential item in the beach bag as the sun cream. And this is where the Olympus Mju Tough-3000 ‘unbreakable’ camera may be the wisest choice of camera to accompany the beach balls and towels. This ‘well-hard’ gadget comprises of an exceptionally durable spec, being able to handle drops as high as 1.5 meters, dips of up to three meters, and will ‘weather the storm’ in excessively high or low temperatures. Some measly grains of sand will therefore prove powerless to the Olympus Mju Tough-3000. At 140 GBP, with its 12-megapixel sensor, 3.6x optical zoom and 1GB of internal storage, we reckon this latest admission to Olympus’s Mju Tough range deserves a place reserved in the suitcase.

Suntracking Beach Chair

A ‘must-have’ for sun worshippers, whose sole intent of their holiday is to return with a deeply bronzed, to-die-for body. This folding beach chair can swivel 360 degrees ensuring you are always in the sun without the painstaking task of having to get up and move the towel. The Suntracking Beach Chair also reclines into three positions and comes equipped with a detachable pillow and integrated sun canopy. Although for $149.95 the majority of us will probably continue to wrestle with our towels.

Finis Swi MP3.1G waterproof MP3 player

It goes without saying that an MP3 player is a ‘must have’ item to attend a day on the beach with us. Although how annoying is having to reluctantly prize the headphones out of our ears as we wearily take a dip in the sea? Although with the Finis Swi MP3-1G Waterproof Mp3 player, having to forsake music whilst we take a dip or run the risk of water logging our favorite gadget has been effectively ruled out. By replacing conformist headphones with slightly less conventional bone-conduction technology, when the units are strapped to a snorkel mask or goggles, music will vibrate through the cheekbones and into the inner ear. What could be more perfect than swimming amongst the corals to Cold Play?

Zoku Ice Lolly Maker

This one’s a definite if you have kids, as costing just 40 GBP will probably save you a fortune in the endless amounts of ice lollies children demand whilst at the beach. Simply pour drinks into the Zoku and within ten minutes they will come out refreshingly frozen, saving you the time, energy and money of taking regular trips to the ice-cream van.