Sound Asleep travel pillow and headboard: soundtrack to sweet dreams

Most people were less than pleased to see the failed English football team disembark from their South African World Cup adventure. One company however manage to snatch victory from the gaping jaws of defeat as Wayne Rooney was snapped very publically holding one of their products – a SoundAsleep pillow. We went down to meet the SoundAsleep team and have a look at two of their latest releases.


The heart of the Sound Asleep product range is the Sound Asleep pillow – either in hollow fibre or memory foam which is basically just a pillow with an incredibly hard to detect speaker built in. Simple as this may sound, it is a pretty effective way of listening to tunes before you sleep (better than sleeping with earphones certainly), and seems like a good way to work though hypnotherapy tapes, language learning materials or even just to background noise for those afflicted with tinnitus.

The Sound Asleep Travel Pillow is a soft, round the neck style plush travel pillow, with a speaker fitted to each end and a little pouch hiding away a 3.5 mm jack. The speaker placement means that you can listen comfortably to an mp3 player without annoying the person next to you – I comfortably worked my way through some Pete Rock & CL Smooth tunes without alerting the lady next to me in the show room. Best of all it’s only £15, which is not that much more than a regular travel pillow. The company behind Sound Asleep’s core competency is in bedding – so like all their pillows the Travel Pillow works well as a resting device as well as an audio output device.

Also on display was the Sound Asleep Headboard for budding Casanovas. A mains powered headboard with a nifty built in speaker system, any device with a 3.5 mm jack can simply be plugged in. Obviously this works well for mp3 players but can also enhance watching videos in bed on a laptop or tablet – or even a TV if you are willing to extend a cable across the room. For approximately £100 it’s not a bad way to get a surround sound effect on the cheap.