Gadgets or Garb? Wearable gadgets roundup

Not satisfied with merely placing state-of-the-art gadgets on our desk at work, in our living rooms, handbags or cars, the latest setting to boaster the hottest lifestyle-enhancing widgets is quite literally on our bodies, cunningly disguised as items of fashion. Latestgadgets looks at five gadgets you can wear…

Image courtesy of Flickr user centralasian

WiFi Detector T-Shirt

Cafés, restaurants, hotels and even pubs now lure punters in by proudly stating WiFi is available on their premises. As the world has become fixated by having means to internet access whilst being on the go, a t-shirt which animatedly glows up when a WiFi signal is detected, fluctuating depended on the strength of the signal, is quite possibly the most genius novelty “must have” on any technophile’s list.

iLogic Sound Hats

Ever tried jogging with earphones in? Joggers can be seen on countless occasions irritably fumbling around with their iPod and earphones, unable to formulate a smooth music-enthused run. That was until the iLogic Sound Hat was invented. Simply plug the hat into your iPod and the hat’s built-in speakers will allow you to stride out seamlessly with your favorite tunes for company.

Video Screen Sunglasses

Boredom is possibly the biggest burden in prohibiting sun-seekers returning from their holiday with enviable, deeply-tanned skin. But boredom prevailing over the ability to patiently soak up the sun’s rays is about to become an affliction of the past, with a pair of Video Screen Sunglasses. These cool-looking shades come equipped with built-in video screens and an MP3 player, enabling sunbathers to supplant eying up the talent on the beach with watching iPod videos or relaxing to melodies of their choice. These little beauties are also stereoscopic 3D compatible.

Treasure Seeking Sandals

We’ve all been tempted to do a bit of ‘treasure’ detecting at some point but have felt reluctant to expose our desperations to all by fumbling about with a highly conspicuous metal detector, haven’t we? Now our aspirations to unearth a Roman broach or a trove of Viking coins can be accomplished a little more subtly by wearing a pair of Treasure Seeking Sandals. These stylish summer shoes gently vibrate when something potentially millionaire making is detected under the feet – again the perfect accessory to muse away the hours in the sun on holiday.

Swarovski Chloe USB Key Necklace
USB keys, ingenuous little devices but incredibly annoying when you lose them. Recognizing the frustrating tendency for USB keys to be easily lost, the jewelers, Swarovski, have come up with a marvelous way for fashion-conscious USB key users to carry their precious data around with them without the fear of losing it, by disguising it as a necklace. Fashion definitely at its most discerning.