Ready for a summer of love? Latest Gadgets look at some Festival Gadgets

The festival season has opened, so if you’re about to pack up your wellies, tent and sleeping bag, here’s a few more stylish gadgets you might like to take with you.

Okay, so you’re on site, you’ve lost your mate somewhere between the massage tent and the neverending queue for the ladies… and your mobile has died. Never fear, this Energenie Hand Charger for Mobile Phones with flashlight and FM radio (£12.99) will reward you with between one and four minutes of conversation for two minutes of handle rotating. Rotate the handle for just one minute and the flashlight will last for 30 minutes – fantastic for finding your way back to your tent, from, er, someone else’s tent.

iPhone users, meanwhile, who are wondering how the notoriously power-hungry device is going to get through a weekend away from home using a satnav app, the net and calling mates, might like to splash out on the mophie Juice Pack Air. It has an integrated rechargeable 1200 mAH battery, which is designed to almost double the battery life of the iPhone 3G/3GS. We know how important style can be at festivals (even if you are covered in mud) so it comes in black, white, purple and red – but will set you back £69.95 from

Of course, “alternative” thinking is big at festivals, so if you want to keep in with the green crowd, you should be charging your devices with solar power (when you see any sun that is). The Scosche solBAT ll clips onto a rucksack, so that it can pick up energy at all times – if need be, it can be charged via the USB port on a computer – and can store enough power to fully charge an iPod, iPhone and other USB devices at least twice. Find out more at

Wave your arms if you’re a fan of the silent rave tent –the Etymotic hf2 headset with Custom-fits is your essential piece of kit. The noise-isolating hf2 headset has an integrated microphone with music controls for seamless voice calls, and comes with a redeemable voucher to have your own custom-made earpieces moulded. All this perfection comes at a price though – £99.95 or £180 custom fit. Find out more at

Once the music has stopped, you can keep the sounds coming with the GEAR4 Street Party 4, a compact speaker that folds-up behind a protective grill, and can be used with your iPod or iPhone. £49.99 from Try not to annoy the neighbours though!

Or, if you want to get away from the music with a good book, you could tuck the BeBook Neo into your bag. Dubbed the fastest eReader on the market, it supports a number of popular eBook formats, including ePub, pdf and JPEG, but you might baulk at the £279.99 price tag (from if you’ve already splashed out for a weekend festival ticket.