5 USB Flash Drives With a Double Life


With the advent of cloud storage, flash drives aren’t quite the essential items they once were. They still have their place though as a handy means of transferring data or carrying files that you don’t trust to the cloud. But rather than having a flash drive that just dangles from your keyring or sits in your pocket, wouldn’t it be useful if you could have one that had another purpose? Well, you can, we present the top five flash drives with a double life.

Clothes Peg

Not only does this neat little gadget offer you a generous 4GB of flash storage it also lets you hang your socks on the line after you’ve rinsed them out. Okay, so you may not be so desperate to dry your laundry that you’d want to use a flash drive but it does have a practical use. You can clip the drive to your bag or your coat so that you’ll always know where it is, or use it to keep together important papers on your desk.

The clothes peg drive is sold by HDE and is available via Amazon.



Flash drives often come with a lanyard that you can hang around your neck, but the look isn’t exactly geek chic. For a more stylish alternative what better way of discreetly carrying your flash storage around than in a bit of bling? No one will guess that your sparkly pendant is in fact a 32GB flash drive. Unless that is you plug it in whilst you’re still wearing it in which case you’re going to look a bit silly.

The USB necklace is available from Focalprice.com and there are quantity discounts so you can buy them for all your friends.


S Memory

The S Memory is a sleek, slim metal device that will slip into the credit card slot of your wallet. Fold out the USB tab and you can plug it into your PC when you need to access the storage. Even better than that it also doubles as a handy bottle opener so not only will you not lose your memory stick you’ll always be popular with your mates when it comes to opening a beer.

S Memory is currently a Kickstarter project and you can sigh up to register your interest and be one of the first to own one at Kickstarter.com


Victorinox Flash

The classic Swiss Army knife has been around for a long time but, since demand for getting stones out of horses’ hooves is not what it was, supplier Victorinox has launched a version for the 21st century that includes a USB drive. It’s available in various versions with 2 or 16GB capacity and the option of extra gadgets including an LED torch and a laser pointer. There’s also a model without sharp objects that’s safe to take on aircraft. You can see the various versions available at swisstool.co.uk Swisstool



Everybody is familiar with the concept of wristbands these days, they allow you to show off your support for a charity or good cause whilst making a fashion statement and simultaneously getting caught up with your sleeves. The Sinophy wristband incorporates a 1GB memory stick and is available in nine colours making it a practical way of carrying your data around and looking cool into the bargain.

The Sinophy wristband is available from Play.com.