Video: Unboxing the TTI TX-150 Marine VHF Radio


Given the current glorious weather, it’s not surprising to discover that lots of people are taking to the sea. While most of us are sensible enough to don a lifejacket, not everyone remembers to take a means of communication. If you’re staying near to the shore, then you might just about get away with using a mobile phone, but a safer option is to use a VHF radio.

When the folks at Maplin kindly offered to send us a product to play with, we decided this would be an opportune time to check out their offering of marine radios – specifically the TTI TX-150 (RRP £79.99). This handheld VHF, which is waterproof to IP54 standard, features a Li-ion battery, which gives good life without the weight of a Ni-MH battery and a drop in rapid charger for quick and easy charging. It also comes with 6/1 watt switchable power to maximise battery life.

A large, clear LCD with backlighting and backlit buttons makes night time operation equally simple. The TX-150 has all the functions you would expect to find on a marine VHF such as dual watch, triple watch, LCM, and aforementioned high/low power option.

If you’re interested to see exactly what you get with the TX-150 then check out our ‘unboxing’ YouTube video below:


This video was possible thanks to the support of Maplin. However, the views are our own and any future editorial coverage of this company will not be influenced as a result of this arrangement.