Olloclip Quick Flip Case Review


I love my olloclip but I also love my iPhone not being smashed into a million pieces so I often cover it with a protective case. Like an overprotective ex-lover this gets in the way of my love for my olloclip as I often have to pop one off to pop the other on (if you’re lost in this simile, don’t worry so am I).

The clever folks at olloclip know this is the case and have come up with a great compromise – the olloclip Quick Flip case.
The Quick Flip has a special hinge that reveals a corner of the iPhone where you can pop on the olloclip. My immediate concern was that the hinge would snap off within minutes of being in my bag, but the robust construction and clever design make this unlikely.

Even cleverer, the corner that flips over becomes a trigger for the shutter release (the volume up button) so you take much more stable photos, reducing camera shake.

The olloclip Quick-Flip case is made of polycarbonate material and as a case it’s functional and merely ok – I’ve a range of amazingly well designed cases to chose from. But the ability to quickly step into the world of more creative photography is worth the sacrifice.

The included Pro-Photo Adapter has two standard tripod mounts and a cold shoe for attaching photographic accessories such as tripods, video lights or microphones. There’s even a special adapter, which allows the olloclip case to be used with the iPod Touch 5th generation.

The olloclip Quick-Flip case for the iPhone 4/4S and 5 comes in white or translucent black and retails for £39.99. The olloclip 3-in-1 quick-connect lens for the iPhone 4/4S currently retails for £59.99 and olloclip 3-in-1 quick-connect lens for the iPhone 5 is available on the market for only £69.99. The olloclip Quick-Flip case and olloclip 3-in-1 lens can be purchased individually or as a bundle at and through major retailers including Apple, Best Buy and Target.