Joby Ultra Fit Camera Strap: Makes light work of a heavyweight

Let’s face it, these days modern DSLR cameras may be heavyweights for capturing those memorable moments but they’re also pretty heavy in the weight department too. Lugging one around your neck all day is something to be avoided at all costs so canny photographers use custom made straps designed specifically to ease the burden of carrying a heavy camera whilst still letting you get a quick shot away when you need it.


German strap specialist  Sun Sniper first  pioneered the innovative sling shot design which has made wearing a DSLR a piece of cake.

Hot on the King’s heels however is Joby, the makers of the ingenious Goriila Pod, a flexible and lightweight tripod stand that can be used just about anywhere. They know a thing or two about cameras, so it’s no surprise they’ve jumped onto the strap bandwagon. The Joby UltraFit Sling Strap is another take on the sling shot style where a long steel and nylon strap anchored into the tripod housing at the base of the camera is swung around your shoulder leaving the camera hanging down by your hip, but well within reach to be grabbed and snapped.

The Ultra Fit takes this idea further through individual customisation.  The strap can be adjusted using a patented SpeedCinch system where your camera fits snugly higher up and closer to your body than the Sling Shot, but allows you to fluidly extend the strap when you need to fire off some shots. Another perhaps more obvious improvement is given the physical differences between men and women it makes sense to have them gender specific.

Not content with just stealing a march on Sling Shot, Joby, has added to the range with the 3 Way Camera Strap for compact cameras, letting you hang your camera around your wrist, neck or shoulder using a reinforced retractable cord.

Pricing: UltraFit Sling Strap – SRP £41.00, 3 Way Camera Strap – SRP £33.00