Cameramator: The Photographer’s New Best Friend

If tethered photography is getting you down, Cameramator could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Currently in the developmental stages, this new technology takes tethered photography to the next level, and turns it wireless.


When in use, Cameramator will allow you to control your DSLR and preview images directly from an iPad or iPhone without any wiring. It provides photographers with a range of new possibilities, making it possible to preview and share photos outside of the camera’s viewfinder. Tethered photography usually requires photographers to connect their camera to a device, such as a laptop or tablet, using USB or firewire. Cameramator ditches the cables, reduces the fuss, and lets you get on with the job.

When launched, Cameramator founders expect users to be able to utilise the following features at a minimum:

  • Photo sharing
  • Self-timer
  • Camera control
  • Instant image review
  • Intervalometer
  • HDR Bracketing

The Cameramator package will consist of a Cameramator unit and an app for iPhone and iPad. The unit attaches to a DSLR camera and lets you control the camera through the iOS app. The only requirement is that both the Cameramator unit and the device are on the same wireless network.

Using the app, you can edit images as soon as you’ve captured them, speed up a photoshoot, and obtain hard-to-shoot images with more ease. In a nutshell, Cameramator helps save photographers time, money and effort.

The project’s founder, Usman Rashid, was inspired to create the Cameramator during a trip to Florida in 2011. While there, he tried to connect his DSLR to his iPad and transfer his images in real-time, but discovered there was no way to do this. In February 2012, he exhibited at the WPPI LaunchPad event, and became convinced that a device like the Cameramator was a much-needed addition to the photographer’s toolkit. In collaboration with another developer, Rashid now has a prototype that works with all major cameras and is ready for production.

For more information on Cameramator’s technology, check out their website, or view details of their Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has a $80,000 goal to reach by 5th September 2012.