Eye-Fi Wi-Fi memory cards – the end of “disk full”

It’s an all too familiar situation, you are about to capture a pricelessly precious and inimitable moment, when your digital camera reads”memory full”. Doh! Although these stomach wrenching moments, which can leave you cursing all things technical, may soon be an affliction of the past, as Eye-Fi, the genius behind the world’s “first ever wireless memory card for digital cameras”, have announced a new product range of memory cards, whose superlative attribute is their virtually limitless storage capacity with an Endless Memory Mode.


As the urbane world steadily progresses in its dependence on technology, the urgency to be ‘wireless’ is also developing into a paramount facet of the latest gadgets. Photography and the ability to capture visual memories have to have one of the most long-standing and dynamic histories associated with technology. Given this age-old penchant for cameras and photography, it is somewhat justifiable that digital camera users are able to manage, nurture and share their photographs with as much ease and sophistication as possible. And this is where Eye-Fi, a company dedicated to making the digital camera photographer’s experience stress-free and more enjoyable, have stepped in, filling in the hole of a highly desirable niche.

Branded as the “X2 family”, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 and Explore X2 join the award winning Pro X2, as a family of memory cards with ultra-rapid wireless video and photo uploads, each with improved Class 6 performance and, arguably the best feature, a virtually infinite memory mode.

With a 4GB capacity, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 memory card is the cheapest of the new ‘family’ members, which will retail at 49.99 GBP. Operating through a Wi-Fi network, the Connect X2 will automatically upload JPEG videos and images to a computer, as well as one of more than 25 online sharing sites.

Being double the price, the Explore X2 has double the capacity of the Connect X2 and boasts the same features as its ‘sibling’, with the added bonus of lifetime geotagging, which identifies the location of the image when it arrives at the user’s computer.

But the Pro X2 firmly surpasses its family members, by possessing the same traits but which also includes the ability for users to create an impromptu wireless connection to a computer without being near to a wireless router. Although this supplementary bonus means you will pay an additional 20 GBP, as the Eye-Fi Pro X2 will cost 119.99 GBP, quite a sum for what is essentially ‘just a memory card’. Price aside, the Pro X2 for its redefinition of cherishing and sharing visual memories was the winner of CNET’s “Best of CES” award.

The new “X2 family” range of memory cards will be available in the UK from the end of April 2010 and come on, what price can you put on for not having an excuse to miss a photo opportunity ever again?