Sony Cyber-shot TX5: water, dust, shock and frost proof!

Sony have just announced their latest and greatest, the Cyber-shot TX5 and are heavily touting it as being “everything proof”. The TX5 can take on water, dust, shock, cold and just about everything else bar T1000s. According to Sony the TX5 can withstand drops of 1.5 m, although I have no desire to test this. It’s also pretty svelte, at just 17.7 mm slim.

I’ve lost a few cameras to Earth, Wind & Fire over the years, so a robust stills and video camera sounds ideal. With the ability to attach harnesses to bicycles and photograph commutes, record underwater adventures, or even just to capture the diluvian British Summer the TX5 widen the number of photographic possibilities available to the average photographer significantly.

Other than rock solid reliability the TX5 boasts a fairly standard set of features for this generation of high end point and clicks. 10.2 megapixels, 4x optical zoom with 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss lens and 720p HD movie shooting. It is also fitted with a ·7.5cm (3”) wide Clear Photo LCD touch screen – in a similar fashion to the new Canon Ixus. This apparently works underwater and with gloves, a feature my frost bitten figures where crying out for as I scaled Zakopane in Southern Poland last month.

Intelligent Sweep Panorama a feature found on Cyber-Shots has been enhanced. By simply pressing the shutter button once and sweep the camera across the scene automatically stitches together a burst of high resolution frames to create a panoramic image, even if people are moving. Face Detection, Smile Shutter and Intelligent Auto mode for hassle free shoots in any situation are also included. Best of all, like all models in the 2010 Cyber-shot™ line-up, the TX5 frees you from the tyranny of Memory Sticks and allows you to use SD or SDHC cards.