Budding wildlife photographers rejoice with the launch of the Samsung WB750!

Compact, digital cameras seem to be fixated on delivering more sophisticated and proficient lenses in recent months, a focus, which I believe, is well overdue.  The latest camera to be promoting its assets predominantly on its lens is Samsung’s new WB750, which, in featuring the longest ever zoom in the company’s compact camera portfolio, “takes you further and faster than ever before”.


Asides from its 18x Optical Zoom, 24x Smart-Zoom and 24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens, meaning users can actually manipulate an image to their likening prior to taking the shot, the WB750 does seem to be bulging with innovative goodies. Topping its internal ‘goodie’ list must be the camera’s 12.5 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. This is the first time, we are told, that Samsung has introduced its pioneering BSI CMOS technology to its compact camera range, which is designed to reduce distortion and replace it with clear, precise images and videos, even in low-lit conditions, whilst reducing image noise. This, alongside a high speed continuous still shot of 10fps and a movie recording speed of up to 1000 fps, means the WB750 delivers impeccable quality in real-time.

Also ranking high in its internal goodie bag is the camera’s Creative Movie Maker function. This creative feature means users can create a fun and shareable slide show in four easy steps. Impressive effects and music can be added to a movie on the camera itself without having to load it to a PC.

Panoramic shots are heavily focused on with Samsung’s latest toy. In featuring Live Panorama, 3D Panorama or Action Panorama, users have the option of capturing those unforgettable sights and memories with a depth and clarity usually lost in the less refined of digital cameras.

This dedication to producing images that standout brings me swiftly on to the WB750’s HDR – High Dynamic Range. Not just realistic, but, Samsung assure us, ‘hyper-realistic’ images can be achieved with the HDR function, as it opens up the colour spectrum for the ‘most vibrant results’.

Long gone are the days when a stubborn subject – namely a child or a dog – refuses to keep still while having their photo taken and the net result being an unrecognisable and completely hopeless photo with a blurred subject! As in containing an Intelligent Object Tracking feature, the camera automatically focuses on an object even whilst in motion – Could be a great choice for any budding wildlife photographers out there, whereby getting a shot of a wild animal in frame is often nigh impossible!