Olympus SP-810UZ: Creative camera control

For anyone who may have dabbled in real estate you will know how difficult it is trying to capture shots of rooms within houses that do not do the property the justice it deserves by simply getting the whole of the room in the frame. Thankfully, instantly knocking a few grand off the asking price of a house before anyone has even viewed the dam thing may be an estate agent’s affliction of the past, thanks to the new Olympus SP-810UZ, and its ‘phenomenal’ 36x wide-angle zoom.


Being dubbed as the ‘most powerful zoom camera Olympus has ever designed’, the SP-810UZ is currently the smallest compact camera on the market to boast a zoom factor over 30x, which, when combined with Dual Image Stabilisation and enhanced ISO sensitivity guarantees pinpoint accuracy with even the shakiest of photographers.

Other benefits of the SP-810UZ asides its mega-zooming capabilities, is its Advanced Face Detection and Beauty Mode, which, as the name suggests, miraculously makes its subjects more pleasing to the eye. In featuring 10 creative Art Filters, photographers can creatively play around with their favourite pastime. For example, the Miniature filter enhances the colours and contrast by narrowing the field of depth, making photos look like a miniature model. The Reflection Filter is equally as creative, as it stimulates a horizontal reflection on the subject, making it look like subjects are standing next to a perfectly flat lake – a great addition for all aspiring Steven Spielberg’s!

Instead of Wi-Fi compatibility, the SP-810UZ has Eye-Fi compatibility, which, together with an optional 3D shooting mode, will capture the shots of a scene from two different angles to create images seeping in realism and depth.

A further inventive function of this truly creative camera is its In-Camera Panorama feature, which helps photographers create a super-wide angle, wrap-around photo, by panning across the scene. The three frames taken are then automatically combined by the camera.

Not a bad photographic toy we reckon for just £229.99.