Swann Security: Keep an electronic eye on your property this holiday season

When you head off on holiday, do you have nagging doubts – have you turned off the iron, did you lock the door; did you leave a tap running? And do you worry about whether your home or office will be safe while you’re off soaking up the sun?


Along with fitting a burglar alarm, you could think about setting up another level of home security that could help you relax and enjoy that well-deserved break.

Plug and play security cameras can offer another layer of home security – and Swann Security, which has often featured on this site with its solidly made, easy-to-set-up security cameras, has come up with another raft of products just in time for the holiday season.

The Pro-660 Super Wide-Gale Secretly Camera ahs been designed to cover a wider area than the average camera – really useful for covering wider area- perhaps the back of the house, or maybe a side alley that you otherwise couldn’t monitor without leaving blind spots.

Swann has also introduced the Pro-670 Professional All Purpose Security Camera, which has a “Super HAD” high-res video sensor , allowing you to keep a continuous eye out for any suspicious activity. The powerful infrared night vision operates up to 80m, which is great for long driveways, alleyways and long hallways.

Finally, the Pro-680 Ultimate Optical Zoom Security Camera is the top-of-the-range device, which Swann says promises to deliver crystal cellar images, so that should the worst happen, you may be able to identify culprits – a long way from those blurry, grainy images we are familiar with.

The cameras come with the cable needed to connect to a TV or DVR.

And the price of this extra security? Surprisingly low actually. Prices range from £119.99 for the wide-angle camera, to £149.99 for the Ultimate zoom model.

More details from www.swann.com