Leica V-Lux 30: A touch of luxury in a compact world

Mention the name ‘Leica’ to any camera fans and they may well start to drool. The German optics company that produces these classic cameras, has designed them to be the best, made from the most durable material and with a high class of workmanship.

In case you’re thinking that a Leica is going to be out of your budget, so you won’t bother reading the rest of this, let me tell you the price now – £550. Pricey for a super-zoom compact, but not out of this world.


Okay, now shall we go on?

The just-released V-Lux 30 is a super-zoom digital compact, which offers touch-screen operation and GPS recording. It boasts retro minimalist styling in matt black, and should fit easily into a jacket pocket or small bag. If you’ve got an extra 80 quid to spend, it’s worth buying the cool leather case, I reckon.

Along with a 14.1 megapixel sensor, you also get a top-notch Leica 16x lens – a pretty decent zoom in a model that measures just 33mm deep and weighs less than 220g.

May of the camera’s features can be controlled via the 3in touchscreen. There are automatic settings for pointing and shooting as well as manual options for more experienced photographers, while a fast continuous shooting mode can be used to capture fast subjects such as wildlife or sports.

And if you want to get really creative with your photography, there’s a special 3D mode, which generates 3D images combined from two photographs taken in sequence (a ‘stereo image pair’), and which can be viewed on suitable 3D-compatible screens.

If you’re thinking its specs and appearance look a tad familiar, it may be due to the fact that Panasonic products also feature Leica optics, and the V-Lux 30 and Panasonic’s TZ20 do share quite a few specs in common.

Movies are recorded in 1080i-AVCHD Full HD format, with the full 16x zoom range available while filming, and there’s an integrated stereo microphone with an electronic wind noise filter for the best sound. In video mode you can also take advantage of automatic face recognition, scene mode selection and smart exposure.

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