Aquapac underwater camera cases

Ever had a baby, a swimming pool and an urge to recreate the cover of Nirvana’s 1991 classic album Nevermind? It can’t be just me. Aquapac have released a new range of underwater (5 m) cases that gives you a few more options your shots – whether you want to capture some up close fish pics, some waterfall shots or just want to keep you camera safe from splashes in hazardous environments.


The five-strong range comprises a mini, small and large sized case, plus a mini case with a hard lens, as well as one specifically designed for SLR cameras. So pretty much any recording device you have will be safe from splashes.

The cases will protect your camera from water damage upto depths of 5m. Simply secure your camera in the case using Aquapac’s unique Aquaclip® and start taking pictures in, around and under the water, worry-free. It’s pretty much idiot proof.

You can fully operate your camera through the case, using all the buttons and switches and an acrylic lens material on the mini case with hard lens and the SLR camera case enables you to take great pictures through it even when underwater. And self indulgent, mediocre pictures as well. Pretty much all styles are catered for. Each case is supplied with a lanyard, or for the SLR case an adjustable shoulder strap and handy desiccant sachets are supplied to absorb any condensation in humid climates.

I have a Canon 7D, which is pretty fantastic for recording HD video footage and I’ve used it for a number of external shorts. I panic the moment grey clouds start to form and having an Aquapac on standby for accidental rain sounds pretty hand. Also for those iconic moody protagonist walking through a downpour shots that pretty much every indie romcom needs.

Professional photographer Pete Webb has some top tips for taking photographs underwater

  • Take photos in shallow water so that daylight will help you out rather than in deep water.
  • If you are shooting friends underwater, put milk in their eyes to stop them getting sore.
  • Always rinse your camera case in fresh water after using.