Hands on with Flip UltraHD and MinoHD

Cisco has announced its third generation of the popular Flip camcorders, Flip UltraHD and Flip MinoHD. They improved from the second generation with enhanced HD video quality and image stabilisation. It is now easier to upload videos and share.


The Flip UltraHD is 25% slimmer than its predecessor, which felt a little like a brick. The video is now 720p resolution at 50 fps. The in-built camera allows you to shoot 2 hours of video. Along with the all-new image stabilisation feature video is now clear and steady.  The camcorders now feature an HDMI port so you can watch videos directly from your Flip on your TV.  The new Flips can conveniently be connected to your PC using the in-built USB arms. The software, Flipshare, also gets an upgrade with the ability to share videos privately by email or share on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can now take still images from videos make a compilation of movies from multiple video clips.

The Flip MinoHD is smaller than the Ultra HD and has all the features to go with it. The Flip MinoHD comes in two sizes to shoot enough video for one hour or two hours. The Flips are easy to use and you can be filming in seconds, which is important to ensure you do not miss those special moments. If you have a camera which shoots video in HD or an iPhone 4, I am not entirely convinced a dedicated camcorder is necessary. Although, I can see this making an amazing Christmas present for budding movie directors and keen holiday makers. Personally, the slimmer the better so I like the Flip MinoHD.

In comparison, a lot of camcorders are going the 3D route like the Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder but do you really need 3D? There will be accessories available including a pocket projector allowing you to project your video directly from your Flip to any flat surface. You can also have the Overtime Battery Extender which doubles the battery life to keep you filming on the go.

The new Flips are available from November. The Flip UltraHD will be £159.99, available in black and white. The Flip MinoHD one hour will be £149.99 and The Flip MinoHD two hour will be £179.99. How do you Flip?