ViewSonic 3DV5: Your own 3D movies – for £150

The price of 3D goodies plummets ever lower with the release of Viewsonic’s latest 3D camcorder.

Ease of use is the order of the day for the ViewSonic 3DV5, which offers one-touch recording, and a quick switch between 2D and 3D recording. To watch your movies, just plug in the camcorder to your computer via USB, or straight into a 3D TV with the HDMI cable.


As 3D conversions take place on board this pocket camcorder, you can upload your creations directly to YouTube’s 3D channel too.

And you can ditch the special glasses (supplied) if you want to watch on the camcorder’s screen, as it has a built-in 2.4in ‘autosteroscopic’ display – handy for checking content when you’re out and about.

The camcorder can film content in MP4 format at HD 720p resolution, and can also take still images. It comes with only 10MB of internal memory, so you’ll probably want to up that by buying an SD card.

For such a bargain price, we’re not sure just how good the finished product is likely to be – your films are hardly going to be up there with movies filmed on the likes of the Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D HD, but then that costs well over a grand.

If you’re after a novel Christmas gift at this kind of price point, it might be worth a punt, and should be in the shops now. But if you are not completely desperate to jump on the 3D bandwagon, it’s probably worth waiting to see what else is waiting in the wings before letting go of your hard-earned cash.
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