Next generation of Flip MinoHD to have WiFi

Everyone likes a good gadget; make it pocket-sized, give it a retro design and a few simple but exemplary assets and you’re on to a real winner.  This is just what Pure Digital (recently acquired by Cisco) have discovered as they launch model after model of their successful Flip camcorders, adding a single significant feature to make each model bigger and better than the one before.

flip-minohdFirst they brought us the FlipMino, a sleek and handy retro-styled camcorder no larger than a mobile phone with simple and easy to use functions that reintroduced us to the world of video-recording on the move.  Next they brought us the FlipMinoHD and Flip MinoUltraHD. The same sleek design as its predecessor but with the ability to produce videos in vibrant HD 230p and 720p respectively and in 16:9 widescreen – the smallest ever camcorder with this quality.

Hot on the heels of its HD models, Flip has once again pushed the boundaries having just announced that their next model will come equipped with Wi-Fi.  This means you can shoot a video and instantaneously upload your clips from any Wi-Fi hotspot.  Of course, you’d have to find a hotspot first, but once you do, a new addition to the software allows one-click links to Facebook.  Each model is compatible with both PCs and Macs and comes with a handy USB arm that helps make video-sharing to sites like Flickr and YouTube absolute childsplay. Its sophisticated software also cleverly compresses video size bringing an end to lengthy transfer times.  Like the earlier models, it will come with a large LCD screen, 1280 x 720 video resolution and touch-sensitive buttons but with double the memory space.

Due to launch in January 2010, the FlipMinoHD with Wi-Fi is a smart and worthy contender to become the leading camcorder on the market next year.