Philips PicoPix PPX 3610: Pocket Projection


I have a Pico projector, and it’s one of the easiest ways to dazzle my friends. Not with it’s bulb (it’s a dim 30 lumens), but by it’s mere existence. Even in the age of smartphones, wifi scales and tablets people seem blown away that you can fit a projector into something smaller than a remote control. Sadly my pico projector of choice is four years old and is basically useless unless you are in a totally darkened room. And connectivity options are limited – cables (yuk) and micro-SD. So what does a modern pico projector bring to the table?

I got to spend a couple of minutes playing with the new Philips PicoPix PPX 3610 at Digital Summer – a gadget playground for tech journalists – and was impressed by how the technology had improved in what is a relatively short space of time. The PicoPix had triple the brightness of my old projector (up to 100 lumens) and a screen size of up to 120″.


PicoPix also has more interface options – including mini-HDMI so you can play with smartphones, tablets and video game consoles. An integrated touch pad provides menu access and allows for easy navigation on the internet. Proof, if proof were needed that this is a modern projector comes with the fact that, like all great modern gadgets, PicoPix comes with an Android and iOS app that enables you to control the device remotely.

PicoPix has a battery life of two hours, 4gb of internal memory as well as a 1 watt sound bar, so it’s technically an autonomous projector, although you’d almost definitely want to beef up the sound a little if you were taking this on the road. The projector has an Officer Viewer so you can work with .pdf, .ppt/.pptx, .xsl/.xlsx, .doc/.docx files – although if you have a projector you could learn to do fun stuff with Isadora.

The Philips PicoPix PPX3610 projector is DLNA compatible so it can manage a WiFi connection to a DLNA Server and project any content stored there. No cables required, perfect for a home network. Loaded with Android (I was unable to determine which flavour), you will be able to go online and project YouTube videos, play games and surf the web without the need to be connected to another device.

The Philips PicoPix PPX3610 will be out in July 2013