Bayan Audio’s SteamPort Universal: Another Step Towards a Wireless World


For the past ten years or so we have been able to carry around our entire record collection thanks to the digital music revolution. Whether it is an MP3 player, smartphone or similar mobile device, most of us now have the ability to listen to any song, anywhere, on demand.

While this has its advantages on the commute to work, travelling in the car or even at the gym, being able to listen to our favourite tracks at home relies on existing technology. One of the first MP3 solutions was via a humble cassette with an auxiliary lead, and then we turned out attention to a 3.5mm jack with 2 phono connections. However, nobody likes wires, they look untidy, get tangled up and take an eternity to unravel.

Another problem with plugging in your smartphone is that if you want to send a text, browse the Internet or play the latest version of Angry Birds, you are virtually attached to your stereo system. One of the best things about mobile devices is that they are able to deal with all manner of tasks, yet a physical wire renders all interaction inconvenient and irritating. It is like when remote control cars were on wires, unless you were prepared to run alongside it, you could only go so fast and so far.

Apart from the holy grail of wireless charging, we have pretty much achieved a world without cables with Bayan Audio now seemingly solving yet another common problem.

StreamPort Universal is a Bluetooth enabled audio receiver that plugs into any stereo system and connects to a compatible device wirelessly. Therefore all you need to do is plug in the StreamPort Universal to any sound system with a 3.5mm jack or RCA input, pair your MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth device, select the music, audiobook or radio station you desire and enjoy life with less wires. Simple.

The receiver is also the first of its kind with NFC, an increasing common smartphone feature and possibly included just in case future devices decide to ditch Bluetooth. Anyone remember infrared?

This pocket-sized device’s 10-metre range is more than enough for listening to music around the home and its integrated high quality digital to analogue converter enables high quality near-CD quality audio.

The StreamPort Universal costs £59.99 but if you enjoy all the trappings and freedom a smartphone offers, this is a small price to pay.