Scosche boomBottle: Rugged Outdoor Speakers


Fresh water’s all well and good but what if you’re cycling, hiking or camping and want a fresh beat. Well you’re probably in the 1987, which was the last time when anyone used the term “fresh beat” unironically (and incidentally when the Simpsons was first aired). But on the off-chance you’re not a time traveller with a bad haircut and an “Eat My Shorts” tshirt you might just be interested in the Scosche Industries boomBottle, an omni-directional portable bluetooth speaker.

If you’re a tech jouralist you might be thinking that the last thing the world needs is year another portable bluetooth speaker. And you’d be right. They’re jostling for number one place for most boring thing to land in my inbox, next to iPhone cases and fashion headphones. Fortunately Scosche are award-winning innovators and know how to bring something new to the party. We got a chance to play with one at a recent London press show and liked both what we heard and saw.


The boomBottle fits in most water bottle cages and is great if you’re sharing your tunes with the rest of the neighbourhood. Well great for you. I’m sure your neighbours might very well object. Dual 40mm drivers produce rich, deep audio with amplified acoustics that overcome loud environments (like London press shows). The integrated passive subwoofer features a ported enclosure for enhanced bass performance.

Of course it’s a dangerous world out there and the last thing you want is for your baby to be damanged by the elements. The boomBottle has IP4X-rated splash proof casing to protect from unexpected weather, sweat and other moisture. There are large rubberised buttons that you can operate, even when wearing gloves. The shock-proof TPU exterior can withstand drops and vibrations (I gave it a tiny bit of a fling and it seemed fine). All the charging and audio ports are safely hidden behind a secure flap so you don’t have to worry about mud creeping into an AUX port.


The boomBOTTLE’s built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The bluetooth has wireless range of 33 feet so unless it should work even on the largest Penny Farthings.

Like almost every modern Bluetooth speaker, there’s a built-in microphone, for use as a speakerphone, capable of delivering echo-free phone conversations and interacting with Siri or the Android equivalent. There’s also 3.5mm auxiliary input if you hold no truck with this new-fangled Bluetooth business.

The boomBOTTLE will be available from April priced at £120. For further information visit Scosche.