Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers: SWITCH, Braven 570 and JAMBOX

If you’re on the back of the bus and thinking of sharing your latest and greatest trapstep remix with your fellow passengers then we forbid you from reading this article. Or from taking the bus. If however, you are a sane and responsible member of society then you might at times want to amplify your smartphone’s sound system. We had a play with three Bluetooth speakers that go above and beyond the call of duty and do a little bit more than pump up the bass.


Native Union SWITCH

You probably remember Native Union from their chic take on phone handsets. They’ve applied that same eye for style and design to SWITCH a powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker, conference call unit and mobile power bank … all in one. The SWITCH is the newest speaker we’re looking at and its most useful function is obviously the combined output of its three speakers (including an active sub-woofer). However the SWITCH also doubles up as a portable battery, so if any of your many, many eligible devices need a top up it’s on hand to do the needful. And the SWITCH triples up as a conference call centre with its full-Duplex microphone enabling crystal clear group chats that I imagine business people have.

SWITCH is available online at NativeUnion.com for £129.99.



The BRAVEN 570 wirelessly pairs with any Bluetooth-equipped smartphone, tablet or computer for 10 hours of audio playback. Like the SWITCH it also packs a internal battery – this time with 1200mAH so you can juice while your pump up the jams. And not to be outdone by the SWITCH, an internal microphone provides speakerphone functionality. The BRAVEN 570 may not look as pretty as SWITCH, but is a little prettier, encased in an impact-resistant polymer and is available in Arctic White or Lunar Black finishes,

The BRAVEN 570 speaker costs £99.99 and is available online for £99.99 from Braven.eu.


Jawbone JAMBOX

Pretty much the speaker to beat in terms of mind share, the JAMBOX is a beautifully designed and lovingly assembled piece of hardware. Elegant in its simplicity the BIG JAMBOX I played with last year was one of my favourite bits of speaker tech. Unlike the other two the JAMBOX is not a portable battery, so you will have to make do with it’s dual role as a speaker and conference call centre. It’s no slouch in the design stakes however, and is available in a range of interesting colour combination (you can mix and match up to 100 varieties).

The JAMBOX is out now and can be found for a range of prices on Jawbone.com (expect to find one for between £120-145).