One For All: Indoor Aerials to Tackle 4G Interference


Everyone has gotten terribly excited about the emergence of 4G – and for those who live or work in central London and other cities, much has been made of the fantastic upload and download speeds you can already see on your smartphones.

But one of the downsides of the progression made in data speeds is that the rollout of 4G across the 800MHz spectrum this year could lead to up to two million UK homes suffering interference with their Freeview signal. So say aerial makers OneForAll, which pinpoints homes near a 4G transmitter, blocks of flats with one aerial and places where the Freeview signal is already weak as those most likely to have issues with reception.

To combat the problem, One For All has produced a pair of indoor aerials that feature built-in 4G LTE filters designed to cut down interference from the 4G signals. It works by cleaning the transmission received by yourset-top box, which means that any signals above the 790MHz spectrum are filtered out.


The top-of-the-range aerial is the SV9395, an amplified indoor antenna for the best TV reception up to Full HD and also in 3D. It features 360-degree multi-patch technology, which increases reception capability, allowing the aerial to be positioned flat, standing or on the wall. It has a touch control digital amplifier up to 51dB and is DVB-T/T2, Freeview and DAB compatible.

The SV9385 is a smaller antenna with active noise reduction filters including the innovative 4G LTE filter and a GSM-block filter. It offers dual-patch technology that offers gives it a 180-degree reception angle and has an adjustable digital amplifier up to 47dB.

Both have gold-plated coaxial cables and will work up to 15 miles from the nearest TV transmitter. You can check your distance from the transmitter at the OFA . Follow the steps for Aerials.

The All In One SV9395 (£49.95) and SV9385 (£39.99) can be found at Currys, Amazon, Maplins and Tesco. For more information go to OneForAll.

But before you splash out, check out the at800 site. Ofcom made it part of the bidding process in the 4G auction that the winners would fund an organisation to help any homes affected. That organisation is at800 and it should proactively identify who is affected and what can be done to help them. They will provide filters for aerials to tackle the problem – but only one per household so you may have to purchase more. Where the filters are not strong enough to work, the organisation will cover the costs of moving your TV service to cable or some other solution. You can register your interest to be kept up to date with developments on the website.