Mini Aero: High-performance wireless active speakers

One of my best friends and next door neighbours is a fireman and if I even want to set his heart racing I show him the tangled mess of cables behind my computer. Or undo the top two buttons on my shirt. Fire hazards aside, wires and cables are an annoyance, prone to tangling and restricting layout and interior design. Wireless internet freed up productivity and made cafes into hotbeds of pretentious people working on their screenplays. And wireless iOS syncing was a future step towards making traditional computers less relevant in the smartphone and tablet age. So wireless technology is great – and wireless speakers … greater still.


Moos Audio’s Mini Aero compact active monitors aren’t just any wireless loudspeakers – they are the best wireless loudspeakers money can buy … at least according to Moos. Designed for both PC and Mac high definition digital music playback, the Mini Aero are the first ultra high resolution, wireless loudspeakers with lossless, bit-accurate transmission of digital audio at up to 24bit/96kHz, and playback of all data rates up to 24bit/192kHz. So they sound great. If you care at all about audio fidelity you’ll be pleased at the effort that are putting in. Especially if you’re recording a track or mastering some audio – fidelity matters.
The Mini Aero uses WATT, (Wireless Audio Transport Technology) and claims that performance exceeds that of many traditional, wired high-end audio systems.

But these are more than just a gimmick. Technical highlights include the first ever audiophile-grade wireless transport, Scan-Speak Revelator drive units, ultra high end quad mono differential Wolfson DACs with an entire DAC dedicated to each drive unit (SNR > 125dB), ultra-low jitter design, all-aluminum unibody port with dual symmetrical flares, metal-reinforced Baltic birch plywood cabinets, composite internal damping consisting of specially processed long fiber natural wool and aerospace-grade acoustic foam developed for NASA space missions, SHARC floating point DSP, and audiophile-grade Hypex amplification capable of delivering 400W continuous per speaker pair, and peaking at 1kW.

It doesn’t hurt to look good and the Mini Aeros have a high gloss piano lacquer, which contrasts with the machined black anodized aluminium and intricate surface texture of the speaker drive units. Colour options include Bianco Cygnus, Nero, Rosso Metis and Super Fly so there is a Mini Aero to suit every taste, although at $2499 not every pocket.

The Mini Aeros are sold direct via and yours for just US$2499 plus tax.