Haier at CES: Finally a good reason to shout at the TV

Ooh! Ooh! It’s exciting CES news time! Haier does indeed hold innovation very close to its heart, and that’s really very exciting, not in a cheesy way either, this lot are on it like Donkey Kong!

The brand is changing the 3D TV experience and it’s awesome to watch it all unfold. Haier’s glass-free 3D TV removes the need for wearing 3D glasses, thus making the experience more enjoyable and convenient…b…e…a…utiful!


In a further development, Haier is showcasing its newly upgraded mind wave technology. This completely and totally revamps the interaction between viewer and TV by giving users the power to control the TV – from changing channels to volume level – with their mind. With their mind! We thought that might need some repetition; emphasis and all that…imagine reading that like an echo.

So, yeah, basically guys, you’re going to be using your eyes to change channel, or perhaps even simple brain waves – with technology developed in partnership with NeuroSky. Also on offer are voice and gesture controls, but really, when you think about all the other stuff that’s on offer here, it’s a bit boring isn’t it? Sorry, but err, yeah.

Man, these guys are unstoppable! They’ve unleashed their damn powerful connected TV. Yes, sir! Once you plug the delightful new Android Dongle to an HDMI and a USB port. Using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core S4 Prime series MPQ8064 chipset, featuring game-console quality Adreno 320 GPU and running Android 4.2, the HXT products will enable the user to access an infinite number of apps, thus opening up for the living room console gaming experience without the mess of separate cables and equipment. One of the most interesting features here, is the “smart box” which includes an embedded camera that is easily mounted on an existing TV, transforming it into an all-singing-all-dancing piece of awesome kit. What’s more, the Haier Android Dongle comes with a remote control equipped with gyro to make navigation fairly simple – it’s a point and click deal, and that’s just fine with us.

In a thoughtful move and for extra ease, The HXT comes with a Wi-Fi Direct connected remote that is great for everything you do with your TV. Why is this important? C’mon! This means you can be covered for all the trivial stuff that people forget about; like changing input and channel to more advanced functions such as searching streaming content using QWERTY keys, to (and yes, this bit excites us the most too), console-type gaming using motion or joystick control; this super-remote sure promises a lot, and we reckon it’s gonna deliver, too!

Worth noting as well is that, Haier also announced that it will be launching its first Ultra HD TVs, with 50-, 65- and 64-inch 4K televisions on the horizon and offering up 3840×2160 resolutions.

Haier on fire, fo’ real! There’s some excellent stuff to come from this lot in the early part of ’13!