With a little help from my Music Angel Friendz

From Power Rangers and Avengers all the way to Constructicons I love a good team up. There’s something about a bunch of small guys banding together that gets me every time – be they Seven Samurais or mini Stereo Speakers. Yes Mini Stereo Speakers.


Music Angel Friendz are an annoyingly spelled collection of tiny stereo speakers. Despite the Zs they are really quite dinky and dare I say cute, fitting in the palm of ones hand and playfully available in a range of colours. The base, which has a layer of rubber to prevent scratching, also glows when switched on which complements the sturdy aluminium look – especially on the blue speaker.


More importantly the Music Angel’s digital amplification is surprisingly good for something so small. Any device with a 3.5 mm jack can be plugged in – either into the 3.5 mm port or the micro USB port via the supplied adaptor. I’ll admit, seeing Line In over the micro USB port did throw me initially but there’s a method to their madness which I’ll delve into later. For a small, inexpensive 6W speaker the sound is pretty good and enhances the sound of most laptops and smartphones.

The speakers charge from USB – either from a dedicated port or a laptop – and can be filled with juice in between 1-3 hours. What makes the Music Angelz remarkable is their 120 hour playback time, which is impressive and according to the company unmatched on the market.


Of course the Music Angel Friendz headline feature, the reason for my team up remarks at the outset and the “Friendz” in the name is that they can be daisy chained. If you aren’t making quite enough noise on your own, then you can invite a buddy (and their Music Angel) along and use a special USB to 3.5 mm to double down the disco. As this is all cable based it is ridiculously easy to set up and I had a tower of 5 speakers blaring in next to no time. I’m not sure what the limit is but you could probably keep going for a while. The sound does significantly increase in volume, although 5 Music Angels in a row don’t quite sound as good as a £125 speaker. Their wired simplicity is also a slight drawback as the back of the daisy chained set up will start to resemble a tangled mess. Bluetooth or some other wireless technology would certainly look more elegant – but would add to the cost and complexity.

Music Angel Friends are out now for just £25 from Amazon.