Blue Spark Digital Microphone: Mobile recording in a flash.

I was at a rock concert the other day and quite near the sound desk as it happens. The thing is, the sound engineer was nowhere near me; he was moving around the theatre with an ipad and controlling the mix from there.


Whilst this might not be headline news, it shows how technology has enabled the professional recording industry to recreate studio sound on the move and with the minimum of fuss. Not only that, it has allowed wannabee artists to record at home and with the power of social networks make a name for themselves without needing the muscle of a record label. Just ask Taylor Swift.

Blue Microphones have already cut a name for themselves in the audio market with a couple of very well received Apple centric microphones and The Spark Digital Mike makes up the trio. However this isn’t just a microphone to make up the numbers, Blue claims it to be the world’s first studio quality condenser microphone to bring professional recording class to any iDevice using the 30 pin Apple connector or laptop, tablet  or PC via USB 2.0

This is a microphone specifically designed for high quality on the go recordings for vocals, guitar, piano and drums and with a frequency response of 26 Hz to 20 kHz, coupled with 28 mV/Pa sensitivity monitored by Blue’s Focus Control technology, there is plenty of petrol in the tank for most on the road needs. There’s also the added bonus of zero latency which is so crucial for eliminating any irritating delays or when you’re handling multi track recordings or syncing.

One more handy bonus thoughtfully provided by Blue is up to 25 GB of storage and a transfer account for six months from cloud storer Gobbler and a six month Pro Account from SoundCloud to record, promote and share sounds on the web.

The Spark Digital, £199.95 available at Apple, Amazon, Curry’s, PC World and other electrical retailers.

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