Pivothead: Putting video cameras in the shades


Have you ever had that daydream you are being followed by hidden cameras capturing every chance encounter, documenting every time you cross paths with your future partner or gathering evidence in case you suffer a stumble worthy of a hidden camera show payout? Just me?

Either way, quirky tech brand Pivothead promises to revolutionise the chore of manually recording your world by concealing a powerful full 1080p HD camera atop a stealth set of shades permanently poised to document every glimpse. If you’re more into stills, an integrated 8MP Sony CMOS camera helps you capture magic moments in a snap.

Albeit a little bizarre, there’s no arguing that having a device running on record / operating a camera incognito and totally hands-free has its appeal. Regardless of how technology is shrinking, holding a video camera aloft – completely wobble-free – remains an art in itself.

With 17 women’s and men’s styles including new-launch Moab and Recon half-rim frames, camouflage designs, interchangeable lenses, professional sports and outdoor ranges, law enforcement-standard specs and extreme athletics goggles, there are plenty of Pivotheads to ensure you can remain low-key while your “high-performance imaging eyewear” takes it all in.

The manufacturer proclaims “true point-of-view” (POV) recording, with the camera sunken into the bridge of your specs to catch your target right between the eyes. The full 1080HD video records in MP4 format at 30 frames per second – more than adequate for capturing those Disney parades, or trailing your favourite celebrity while keeping your reputation in check or keeping tabs your mates / other half / the kids while you look on all aloof and seemingly blasé.

An 8GB internal memory stores up to one hour of footage, meaning your video masterpiece shouldn’t fail you at a cliff-hanger moment. If you’re not one to sit back and wait for the action to happen, get to grips with Pivothead’s custom settings including four focus options and six time-lapse settings. Quirky idea, perhaps, but if you’re mad on home movies or always too slow to grab the camera, these video shades do have their charms. Just don’t ask us how to accessorise them come winter.