Sony STR-DN1030: Bringing wireless to cinematic sound

You can say all you want about Sony. Manufacturing behemoth perhaps, with a mind bogglingly huge portfolio; but the bottom line is, you always know what you’re going to get. Highly consistent and well built products and a finger on the pulse of innovation, more often than not leading the field in technological advancement.

It’s somewhat surprising then that up to now, Sony has opted out of wireless cinema sound, even though you would think it right up the street of its research and development team.


A bright spark at Sony obviously thought that too, because the STR-DN1030 heralds the world’s very first AV receiver with built in wireless. Of course, this is Sony, so it’s not a lightweight new kid on the block; its got the looks and the lines, but it also packs 7.2 channel sound at a 120 watts per channel and the wireless capability to stream media from your PC and your iphone, iPad and iPod using the built in Airplay. You’ll also have access of course to Sony’s Entertainment Network of 15 million songs and global internet radio

But it’s the cinema sound that will grab the headlines, the auto calibration system optimising the surround sound for you based on your speaker positions. As AV Receiver Product Manager Jimmi Nolan says “We worked with our colleagues at Sony Pictures who studied the recordings from Hollywood sound stage recordings to design the STR-DN1030 to create true cinematic audio, exactly the way the director intended.. They’ve won twelve Academy awards so they know a thing or two about creating quality movie sound.”

With five built in HDMI ports, one HDMI out and USB 2.0 you’ll be welll connected and the Sony Media Remote App will provide remote control from your tablet or smartphone.

It may have taken Sony a while to catch on, this is an AV wireless receiver that may well pull out all the stops.