Logitech TV Cam HD: Make your very own video wall

Whether you’re a fan of Skype or you’ve always dreamed of taking your telephone calls over a live-vision video wall, the new Logitech TV Cam HD could be just the ticket. We’ve seen TVs with Skype capabilities starting to creep into the market, but this standalone high-definition TV camera promises even more.


It has built-in Skype and Wi-Fi connectivity and works with any HDTV with HDMI input to beam your callers onto the big-screen – ideal for making group calls, whether you’re a home-worker or have family far away.

These capabilities for “lounge conferencing” mean you can phone anyone you know with a Skype account – on their smartphone, laptop, TV or tablet – and they’ll see everything the wide-angle camera sees. So you’ll have to tidy up and change out of your jarmies if you’re due a business call with your international head office! But the beauty of this is that you don’t have to squeeze up to fit in front of the camera on your computer or mobile. You can move around comfortably – just don’t forget they’re watching!!

Everything you need to get going is built in to the device. Place the Logitech TV Cam HD on top of your telly and link to your Wi-Fi. Or for a wired connection use the Ethernet and plug in to the HDMI port. Then switch on and prepare to welcome callers into your lounge. Just log in to Skype as you would on a computer or mobile and use the remote control to navigate the interface. A built-in telephone ringer on the camera alerts you to incoming calls even if your telly is turned off!

The camera itself delivers HD 720p resolution and uses Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology and Carl Zeiss optics for a sharp, rich picture in all light levels rather than a grainy webcam profile of Skype calls gone by. Four integral noise-cancelling mics let you talk normally from wherever you are without interference from ambient sound.

Because it all comes through your regular HDTV, you won’t have to wrench the kids away from the telly to speak to far-flung relatives.  So next Christmas when you’re opening up presents, family and friends far and wide could be right there in your lounge as the action unwraps! And because it will capture the live reactions, you can save money on stamps sending thank you cards!

Logitech TV Cam HD is available across Europe from September. SRP £179