View21: DTV-R for the UK

We went down to a fancy London nightclub one rainy afternoon (which trust us removes all of the glamour) with the promise of seeing View21, an exciting step forward in the way we view television.

Designed in the UK for the UK market (go Team GB!), View21 is a “revolutionary” Digital TV recorder that leverages home broadband and “apps” to enhance your home viewing experience.


So what’s onboard? Well twin Freeview HD Tuners stream and record content enabling you to watch live or recorded TV with ease. It was perfectly possible to watch one TV programme on the sofa, record another and watch one on your iPad all at the same time. Although I would question your ability to focus.

You can also access YouTube, Twitter and Flicker, with more apps planned down the line. Twitter integration was particularly clever. Instead of letting you add content to the Twitter via the device, which is pointless as you probably have a smartphone in your hand whilst you are watching the TV anyway, it simply allows you to tap into certain hashtags or lists. So if you are watching Mens Gymnastics (go Team GB!) then you can add that hashtag and watch comments from the Twittersphere scroll across the bottom of your screen like a news ticker. It’s a smart way to integrate the constant stream of commentary.

You can share content from the iOS devices to the big screen but the functionality we paled in comparison to AirPlay both in terms of ease and ability – you can’t push music or video. Still it’s not a bad feature to have.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing View21 to the market. From inception, we wanted this product to maximise opportunities for entertainment within the home. Through its twin HD tuners, users of View21 will be able to view HD TV and use it to control and watch content from their iPads. Through its integration with Apps such as Twitter and YouTube, watching TV at home will be a new experience – enabling viewers to interact and control like never before”

Christian Corney, Marketing Director

View21 will be available at and selected retailers. At launch, an iOS App is available for free with View21. For more information visit