Onkyo CR-N755: Spotify ready and willing to stream

It seems those harmonious home audio wizards Onkyo  have been hard at work cooking up another winner. Having been concentrating up to now on building quality mid market systems, they’ve now turned their efforts to the mini hi fi market.


The CR-N755 is a mini hifi receiver mini system and in true Onkyo fashion is fitted with 96 kHz/24-bit optical and coaxial digital inputs and a 192 kHz/24-bit DAC for high-resolution audio. Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry amplifies incoming signals while Onkyo’s Phase-Matching Bass Boost system ensures mid range clarity and a strong low-frequency presence, whatever the volume. Another high-end inclusion is VLSC noise-mitigation technology, which helps the onboard DAC to filter digital noise from the audio.

The genius part, is it’s able to network streaming music serives, so Spotify, Last fm, vTuner and AUPEO! can all be accessed, plus a plethora of internet radio stations. Now, I’m an internet radio convert, no hysterical or banal presenters, just 24 hours of uninterrupted music and the CR-N755 is the perfect platform to get it from. Better still you can download apps to your smart phone to browse these services and then play the stream through your network. You access your LAN via a standard cable connection, however there is an optional UWF-1 adapter. Talking of optional items, you can also get a pair of two way bookshelf speakers for an extra £150.

The mini receiver also caters for other media sources; the front loading cd player, the AM/FM tuner and finally a USB port for an iPhone, iPod, or flash-memory device. So all the bases covered then. This is a pocket rocket that packs a quality punch too.

Onkyo CR-N755 – Network CD Hi-Fi Mini Receiver with Spotify (available in black or silver) – £300. Additional D-055 speakers £150. Wi fi adapter £50.

All available from September 2012.