Jawbone Big Jambox: Booming bluetooth bass

The Jawbone Bluetooth headset is something of a shame. It’s great sound quality and slick design, packaged into something – a bluetooth headset – that looks inherently ridiculous when you wear it. So it was great when Jawbone brought out the Jambox, a small but powerful bluetooth speaker that went around collecting accolades wherever it when.

Jawbone’s Jambox is now back and bigger than ever with the Jawbone Big Jambox, a boombox worthy of Radio Raheem in the reboot of “Do The Right Thing” that I hope to god no-one is planning.


If you love the stylings of the Jambox, but like to party the Big Jambox is for you. Essentially a scaled up version, the Big Jambox adds a whole new world of booming bass sounds to bluetooth audio.

Set up and pairing is painless, (literally the push of a button) and there’s a warm voice to great you as well which is a nice touch. There’s everything you’d expect in a Bluetooth speaker (volume and playback control), couple with everything you’d expect in a Jawbone product (high quality audio and attention to detail).

It’s worth noting that this thing gets seriously loud and sounds amazing. The compact, sealed enclosure means you can’t see any of the magic at work but is also designed to eliminate energy loss for maximum power and volume. There are lots of carefully thought out elements like this all over the Big Jambox – down to the six rubber feet on the base which eliminate vibrations. It’s also great to look at and stands out in the room.

Inside the case are two proprietary active drivers and two opposing passive bass radiators. This is complemented by multiband compression to reduce distortion and a loudness compensation algorithm, which automatically adjusts the highs and lows to ensure the fullest sound at all volume levels. I’m writing this at 5 am and getting a rich sound from the Big Jambox without disturbing my flatmate (I hope).

“We designed Big Jambox to be artful and fit perfectly with how people live. Every element goes back to the purest expression of simplicity, performance and elegance – its compact size, the unique sound you hear when it’s turned on, the colours and the wrapped patterned steel grill. Well-designed products don’t sacrifice form or function.”
Yves Behar, chief creative officer for Jawbone.

A nice additional feature is 3D sound. Jambox and Big Jambox are the world’s first commercially available loudspeakers to feature 3D audio. The effect is most impressive when streaming binaural audio and we were treated to a demo of Pink Floyd’s “Money” when I went to a product demo earlier this month.

The Big Jambox comes in three designs (RED DOT, WHITE WAVE, and GRAPHITE HEX) and is available in the UK from today for £259 GBP at Apple, Dixons, Selfridges and