Foxl Portable Hifi Speaker: Portable sound that goes to 11

The early pioneering days of portable hi fi are like golden sunsets for me. A romantic notion it has to be said, but after a few minutes you want to move on, because tomorrow there’s another one coming along. And let’s face it, it wasn’t that long ago when we were packing those speakers into our suitcase and ending up with a pile of knotted up spaghetti that took forever to straighten out. Then there was the sound quality. Well, let’s not even go there. Fortunately hi fi has evolved at a frightening pace and thankfully speakers have become smaller and sound quality has improved no end. There has yet to be however, a portable wireless speaker system that lays down a benchmark for the industry to set as a standard bearer.


The Foxl v2 however will raise one or two eyebrows, having been personally endorsed by a number of respected rock musicians who have a practical use for it on the road. Now before we all jump up and hail the new king of portable audio, let’s not assume that what we have here is the last word in miniature high end audio, but it is nevertheless an extraordinary breakthrough.

Practically the same size as your iPhone, your first expectations of the Foxlv2 are therefore perhaps just as small, but this is a pocket rocket that will punch much higher than its diminutive size due to some technological wizardry from Soundmatters’ founder Dr. Godehard Guenther.

Jordan Rudess loves his iPad Foxl speaker combo

Tiny dual 1-inch linear magnetic DriveTM Twoofers provide the clarity and range whilst a patented ‘BassBattery’ technology turns the battery into a woofer which together with passive bass radiators provide the bass depth so vital in making sound quality really effective. The bluetooth connectivity is good for at least 30 feet, and whilst there is bound to be some interference the overall effect is a triumph when you consider how small this device really is.

Soundmatters also includes an AC power alternative in the bundle which helps to boost output and recharges the battery which is stated to last over 8 hours. There is also a microphone that allows you to use it as a hands free speakerphone if you’re playing music through your connected phone.

There is a video of the amp in action here.

The FoxLv2 Bluetooth $199