LG takes viewing to another level with new OLED TV

LG has unveiled their new “Ultimate Display” OLED TV at Monaco’s Sale des Etoiles. Measuring an impressive 55-inches, the TV is the world’s largest and slimmest OLED TV, and LG officials have vowed that they will be the first company to make the sets available to European consumers in the second half of the year.


Based on WRGB technology, LG’s latest product is the result of years of research. LG are no strangers to the OLED TV market – they released the first OLED set back in 2009. Their newest creation boasts a set of appealing specs and features, including LG’s 4-Colour Pixel technology, a Colour Refiner, Smart TV capabilities, and the company’s CINEMA 3D technology. The TV’s slim silhouette is thanks to carbon fibre reinforced plastics, which enabled the company to create a final product that has a thickness of only 4mm and weighs 10kg.

“In the history of television, there have been very few innovations as impactful as the coming of OLED TV. We say THE ULTIMATE DISPLAY because LG OLED TV is truly above all expectations and beyond everyone’s imagination with uncompromising picture quality and beautiful design. This year, we plan to make OLED synonymous with LG” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

OLEDs differ from LCD or LED displays by creating their own light, and so eliminating the need for any backlighting.

“With OLED TV leading our premium product line-up in Europe, we have a very strong case to become the number one TV brand in this region. Until that day, we will continue to develop the products that have made us the most innovative home entertainment company in the industry,” said Stanley Cho, head of LG’s Europe Operations.

The 55-inch OLED TV is just one of several new products released as part of LG’s summer range. With a focus on smart technology, LG are a competitive force in the TV market this year, and are reaffirming their place as a popular premium technology brand.