Arcam drDock iPod/iPhone docking station


Here’s the thing about Apple products, you begin collecting them and before you know it, all your music, photos, films and emails are stored on them and your whole life has become inexorably Apple dependant. Savvy manufacturers like Arcam, British Hi-Fi pioneers  and one of the world’s leading experts in digital audio and video have of course realised this and thankfully made our lives just that bit more manageable in the process.

The drDock is just one of those gadgets, a docking system compatible with the complete Apple family including IPads that will connect perfectly easily to a digital TV or any AV receiver via HDMI, to a PC or digital device via USB and all the other bases are covered too with analogue and SPDIF connectors. The even better news is the  drDock doesn’t use the inferior Apple internal audio, as the built in DAC takes care of all that, so running video or music through a home cinema system or a high end receiver will sound very impressive.

The drDock syncs all your devices and, with the exception of the IPad, charges them too, whilst the handy remote controller will give you all the control you need without getting off the couch with full support for iOS devices including power, volume, play, pause, skip/seek, repeat and shuffle functions.

The drDock won’t look out of place in your living space either encased as it is in matt black  high-quality cast aluminium with gold connectors and a solid rubber base.

This is a sensible and highly affordable addition to your digital home set up and one that will keep all the members of your Apple family very happy indeed.

Arcam drDock  £200.