Logitech UE Speaker: Wireless music streaming

Logitech have announced the release of their new UE Air Speaker system, which incorporates Apple’s AirPlay technology, allowing your music to be streamed wirelessly from a whole variety of Apple products – more specifically iTunes, iPhone, iPod or an iPad.


Offering high quality audio streamed over your home Wi-Fi network, the speakers incorporate dual tweeters and woofers for maximum impact. Easy to set up and with a modern, stylish design, the speakers are all set to take pride of place in any music lovers shopping list.

If you are wondering what UE stands for, then wonder no longer. Unique Electrics, would be a good guess, but no… it is actually Ultimate Ears. Strange but true. Then again, who are we to complain about a name when Logitech offer speakers that perform to the high standard that these do?

Don’t just take our word for it, the Logitech UE Speaker has won an honoree award in the Wireless Handset Accessories product category at the International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2012.

They are simplicity itself to use; all you have to do is dock your Apple i-device and download the Logitech UE Air app. You just need to connect to your Wi-Fi network and you are then all ready to start streaming music to your hearts (or should we say, ears) content. If you use their Apple Dock Connector, you can even charge your device as you stream. Logitech seem to have thought of everything. Ultimate Ears, indeed.

Priced at £299, the speakers are available from the beginning of April from most retailers in the high street and online stores.

For more information visit www.logitech.com.