Angry Birds Space cases and headphones are out of this world

Whoever came up with the idea of firing birds loaded in a catapult onto egg-stealing green pigs must be a genius. And a very rich genius at that. On paper, it sounds all a bit daft idea, but Angry Birds has proven itself to be one of the most addictive games ever, and the 700 million of units it has sold since 2009 stand testament to that fact.


Angry Birds Space is the latest chapter in the game, and features a host of new features and levels, including the introduction of new birds and piggies to battle. This time around you will have to contend with various degrees of gravity as all the action takes place, yes you guessed it, in space itself. It’ll be a bit like Battlestar Galactica, but with more beaks.

To commemorate the games launch, Gear4 have come up with a set of cases and headphones for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. The accessories feature images of the new Angry Birds Space characters, which include Laser Bird, Ice Bird, Bomb Bird, super Red Bird and the evil King Pig.

There are five different iPhone and iPod cases, and four cases for the iPad, along with the trademark Super Red bird to chose between. Prices start at £24.99 each. There are also four different headphones with Angry Bird images on the ear-bud to wear whilst you play the game or listen to music, these are each available for £19.99. Wear your Angry Birds colours with pride!

For more information on the cases and headphones visit To download your own copy of the finger-flicking physics game, visit Angry Birds Space is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.