Onkyo TX-NR818: Harmonious high-end quality at midrange price

Home cinema may well be the perfect scenario if you are a movie fan; sitting in the lounge with your popcorn at the ready watching the latest blockbuster on your big plasma.  There it is in full HD leaping right out at you. The only problem is unlike the real cinema experience, the sonics just don’t cut it.


Onkyo which means ‘sound harmony’ in Japanese, has long been a leader in high quality home cinema audio but with the unveiling of the TX-NR818 and its slightly lighter stable mate the TX-NR8717,  the assault on the mid range market is well and truly underway.

These two network channel receivers are packed with punch and feature laden with goodies to melt the heart of any home cinema audio enthusiast whose pocket is not perhaps as deep as they would like it to be.

Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room acoustic correction calibrates your speakers and equalizes the system to optimize the sound for your room space. Onkyo has also ported across its three 7.2 decoding systems normally found in its higher end models; Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Audyssey DSX DTS. DTSNeo:X which uses front wide and front height technology to produce a more enveloping 3D sound performance.

The TX-NR818’s video delivery is boosted using a dual core chip combining an HQV Vida VHD 1900 video processor for 1080p up scaling and Marvell’s 4K video processor which can convert 1080p HD to a 2K or 4K display.

Both receivers offer up eight HDMI inputs one front, and seven in the rear together with two outputs and support for mobile HDMI, a godsend if you want to reproduce media from your smart phone in 7.2 channel surround sound.

There also plans to release a USB Bluetooth adapter so both receivers will be able to interact with hand held devices.

TX-NR818  £999   Black or silver.

TX-NR717  £800  Black or silver.