Five top speaker docks for the iPad

Almost simultaneously with the launch of the Apple iPod, masses of speaker docks arrived leaving a confused consumers dizzyingly deliberating over which one to buy. Whilst the spawning of the iPod’s tablet sibling, the iPad’s speaker docks have been much slower to emerge and only now is beginning to gather up speed. From just over £50 to almost a grand, check out our top five speaker docking systems for the iPad that cater for every iPad owner’s budget.


Scorche BassDOCK iPad Speaker Dock

You can tilt it, rotate it and cart the 2.1 sound system with 40mm stereo speakers around with you, meaning you can enjoy practically any viewing angle accompanied by smooth, crystal clear sound practically anywhere. Compatible with both the first and second generations of iPad, we assume Scosche’s latest innovatory delight derives its name from its 3 inch subwoofer, which delivers a rich and powerful bass.

Asides from transforming your iPad into a powerful and flexible complete entertainment system, the bassDOCK delivers 10 watts for a super-fast charge.

Pretty impressive for just $149.99.

iLuv iMM747

For those of us on a tighter monetarist leash, the iLuv iMM474 could be the answer. Looking fairly elegant all in black, this iPad speaker dock boasts a tweeter, mid-range driver a subwoofer to really blast out some noise. Another notable touch is that the iLuv features an adjustable docking wall providing the iPad with some valuable support.

At just £49.99 it’s not much of a gamble!

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8

Calling all posers, if you’ve got a spare £900 to blow on an iPad speaker dock then take a look at the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8. The Danish designer sure knows how to pull out all the stops in designing shockingly expensive gadgets and if you’re after impressing with mega-materialistic appliances scattered about the home then you’re definitely on to a winner the uniquely designed BeoSound 8. Audio-wise we’re not as instantly bowled over, although with a clog that consists of three adjustment switches that modify the bass boom according to its position in the room, we’re beginning to warm up to the audio capabilities of this top of the range iPad speaker dock.

Philips Fidelio DS8550

£250 now that’s a bit more ‘realistic’! It may not possess the aesthetical ‘wow’ factor of its Bang & Olufsen counterpart but the ‘SoundCurve’ concaved device will certainly hold its own in impressing the mates stakes. The Fidelio DS8550 promises to impress when switched on as well as Philips insist it has been design to deliver distortion free sound.

Altec Lansing Octiv Stage

At just £60 how can the Altec Lansing Octiv Stage really compare with its more expensive rivals? Well it doesn’t really, but if your after docking your iPad and filling the room with distortion-free sound at a volume without breaking the bank, then the Octive Stage’s cheap and cheerful dual full-range speakers may be just the job!