Urbanisita London headphones: Swish and soothing

Recently, Urbanista, the Stockholm-based design concept shop which produces products geared towards the needs and fashions of urban living (they’re “wicked” cool…), released something that looks (and feels) rather awesome creating the ultimate in on t’move (Yorkshire speak…sorry) aural pleasure, in the form of the London headphone.


This is indeed a pretty gosh-darn slick piece of kit; an “in-ear” headphone (10mm speaker size) with microphone and nice overall design with a steel surface, and six bright colours (from Crispy Apple green to Red Snapper erm… red) to choose from.

Urbanista London comes wrapped in a particularly functional “cuff link”-box with cable management for easy storage when not in use (the box and product together only weighs in at 250g… easy.

To fit modern urban life (and catering for the rushed, stressed and somewhat well-dressed), the cord has an integrated microphone and a 3.5 mm plug that works with most phones and music players on the market (so even the ol’ Sony Ericsson will be covered alongside an iPhone or iPad). As an added bonus, a hands-free (with microphone) option is available.

This London headphone is the perfect accompaniment to your busiest day – it’ll soothe your ears before and after work. To be fair (direct your eyes to the nice image above), you’re going to look pretty swish through the journeys as well.

The London Headphone series is available at SRP £44.99 from http://uk.urbanista.com/