Elipson Planet L: “Le style c’est Elipson même”

I’ve never been a fan of the phrase “style over substance”, in tech reviews as style (and in this context more specifically design) is such an important part of technology. To quote Buffon as people always do in these situations, “Le style c’est l’homme même”. So when I read that Elipson’s stylish high-end speakers were coming to the UK, I was delighted, as they look simply stunning.


For those that don’t know, French manufacturer Elipson have made a nomme for themselves after registering design patents and developing new acoustic technologies in Europe for over 70 years. Its development started with a loudspeaker made up of a sphere and an ellipsoidal reflector (hence the “Elipson”).
If you’ve been in a recording studio or concert hall in France, the chances are high you’ve heard an Elipson speaker.

The Planet L’s feature a bass reflex enclosure made from an inert glass-fibre resin compound and finished in a choice of three piano gloss colours; red, white and black.

The specification boasts a powerful 2-way, 165mm coaxial driver with an integral 25mm soft dome tweeter. With no less than 4 clever mounting accessory options, the Planet L’s can be used for table, floor, wall and ceiling applications and can be purchased as a stereo pair for music or individually for multi-channel or commercial applications.

The Planet L loudspeakers are available from authorised UK retailers from 1st December at an SRP of £599 per pair and are the first products of an ambitious roadmap for 2011, including active wireless audio systems all with unique and iconic lifestyle designs.