TruLink Wireless USB to HDMI kit and swivel cables

CablestoGo continue their lifelong vendetta against Cables with their latest addition to the war on cable tangle. The TruLink Wireless USB to HDMI kit has a mission statement as clear and easy to understand as its name. All you have to do is pop the USB transmitter in to your PC or Mac and attach the HDMI receiver to your screen of choice and the Wireless USB to HDMI kit will make sure they play nice with each other.


It’s not quite the one button simplicity of Apple’s new-ish Airplay standard but has many advantages. For one Airplay doesn’t yet work from desktops for reasons beyond me (I know you can buy software to enable it but this seems ridiculous). For another, whilst many newer AV receivers are set top boxes back Airplay, many more don’t. Everything has HDMI (well not everything but you get my drift).

The TrueLink Wireless USB to HDMI kit can beam wireless audio and video from about 30 feet line of sight (unless you have a giant living room filled with rocks you will probably be ok with it). You can also wall mount it with the adaptors provided. Sadly the you can only beam videos over in 720p but the upside of this is smooth and reliable picture quality.

The TrueLink Wireless USB to HDMI adaptor is out now from Amazon and CabletoGo for £269.98

Also out now from CablesToGo is a new twist on an old classic. Not your grandfather’s cable, the new swivel connection cables have a unique 270 degree connector that enables you to position them in weird and wonderful ways and bend them to your will. The cables also feature detents every 90 degrees to preserve signal integrity.

The swivel cables are available from Amazon and CablestoGO in a VGA, USB and HDMI flavours, with prices starting from £8.