Canton wireless HiFi speakers – music to your ears?

A new range of plug and play speaker and accessories has just been launched by Germany’s largest loudspeaker manufacturer, Canton, which on paper look set to be high on any music lovers Christmas list. The three products are interchangeable with each other, and consist of the snappily titled your_DUO, your_STICK and your_DOCK…


your_DUO – two active wireless loudspeakers that fully support 24bit HD audio technology, coming complete with a receiver and remote control.

your_DOCK – an iPhone or iPod docking station, that can be used as a wireless transmitter and charger, complete with remote control.

your_STICK – PR or Mac compatible USB transmitter adapter.

All three Canton products are plug and play systems, requiring absolutely no drivers at all to work. Operating via one of three wireless channels, each device is easily set up with a touch of a button selecting the correct channel, after which they are all ready to go. Simplicity itself. You can also select one of three audio zones, allowing you to control the volume of more than one set of speakers in a room, while at the same time granting you independent volume control in another room.

There is also no limit to the number of Canton speakers you can connect to a transmitter, so you can have as many or as few as you like in one room or all around your house. Wonderful stuff.

Each of these HiFi products can be purchased as a twin bundle or individually (which two products you decide to buy is up to you), ranging from £129 up to £599, depending upon your selection. Granted they are not cheap, but this is a HiFi system for those with seriously good taste in music. For more information visit: